We always say that Blenders are great to have at home, but getting the wrong one is something that you don’t need. That’s why we create this post to help you choose the one that goes with you.

With many versions offered at an array of price ranges, it’s not easy to see the upgrades from the downgrades. How many watts do you need? The material or the shape of the jar make a difference? Could a top-notch blender become the best appliance for your home? The worst?

In case your head spins just thinking about it, don’t get worried

We got you the best information to help your decision about which is the best blender for smoothies according to your needs!

What makes the best smoothie maker?

Before to choose what is the best blender to make smoothies you need to have in mind this important features


The difference between a blender that stays in the cabinet with the one that you get in love, is the power of the blades! more if you are trying to do smoothies regularly, or do not want to have to cut in small pieces each ingredient that you want to add to your juice.

Container Size

One of the foremost factors to be considered while choosing a blender for making desirable smoothies is the desirable size of the container. Certain consumers tend to overlook the tumbler or container size while purchasing the blender and this decision may backfire later in actual operation when a larger quantity is required, as it may spill contents, and worse, might even enter motor portions.


Another major aspect of this particular appliance is the power function and the amount of power it consumes. Some products are chosen over the others just because they are heavy duty and have a high power motor, and this way, another major cause of power consumption is ignored. More power a product consumes, more power cost and power bills are incurred.


Home appliances are not purchased every day and are to be bought keeping in mind the longevity and reliability of the same. For doing the same, it should be ascertained, as to how much warranty the manufacturer is offering, as it may save a lot of costs, in the case of breakdown.


It is one of the most important factors of decision making in terms of the appliance, first of all, a budget needs to be plan on how much are you willing on spending on a blender that covers your needs


Another aspect is that of mobility and portability, that should be kept. If the sole purpose is to operate at a stationary location, like a table top or kitchen shelf, then a heavier version is suitable, but when the consumer moves constantly or moves residence quite often, then a light weight version should be preferred.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning a messy blender after enjoying a delicious smoothie takes almost half the satisfaction from the delicious treat. While some blenders are easier to clean than others, is best to get the ones that could fit into the dishwasher. As a tip, you can pour some warm water and dishwasher liquid in the jar and give it a spin for a very convenient cleaning experience.


So what is the best blender to make smoothie?


Blenders come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and speeds, so to found the best blender to make smoothies we divide them into 3 categories

Basic Blenders

Mid Range Blenders

High Performance Blender

Basic Blenders (Budget-Friendly)

These are basic, affordable blenders with no bells or whistles.They’ll do the job to make simple fruit smoothies and can also work for some green smoothies and superfood smoothies. These type of mixers might need some work on your part maybe cutting in small pieces the ingredients in some cases. This is a good equipment for those who are starting with smoothies or like to start to get in a healthy style  of life

Hamilton Beach 

Magic Bullet – 11 Pieces 



Mid-Range Blenders

A step above the basic budget-friendly blenders for smoothies listed above, these mid-range blenders are technically considered high powered “heavy duty” blenders.

We call them mid-range cause they are more affordable than the ultra high performance blenders listed in the next category. But they have the potential to be a one time buy or even your best buy!

If you’ve already know your ways into the smoothies making world, and want to take your smoothies to the next level, consider investing in one of the above blenders.

NutriBullet 12-Pieces 

Ninja Professional

Oster Reverse

High Performance Blender

The blenders mentioned above are the best smoothie blenders you can find with out going crazy with the prices.

A higher performance mixer will help you make the best possible healthy smoothie drinks possible.

You can include harder to blend vegetables, lots of superfoods ingredients, and more. And it makes the actual blending process smooth, seamless and headache-free.

This kind of high-performance mixer is ideal if you are shifting to a much more “advanced” smoothie recipes like mixing various super foods or doing intense green smoothies that have a substantial amount of hard to blend veggies and other specific smoothie ingredients.

Simple mixers just won’t make the cut for these particular needs.

-Blendtec Professional 750

Vitamix 5200 

Blendtec Designer Series


There is no one single best blender. The Nutribullet is one of our top choices. The Vitamix or the Blendtec also made a great buy for most of your needs but what really matters is that you choose a blender that works best for YOUR needs and purposes, and that fits within your budget.