Looking for the best blender on the market looks like an easy task

Till you actually have to do it

Then you start to read different blender reviews guides and found out that there are different types of blenders on the market,

Like  “long life”, which are centrifugal, or cold pressing mixer, which technically are not blenders, but juice extractors, and have become fashionable during the last years (especially in the United States) with the promise of being a system of obtaining juice that conserves better the properties of the fruit, especially the vitamins.

We make different reviews depending on your interest:

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And Do Not Forget Our Real Reviews for Each Blender!. Where you can find detailed information about all the blenders that you can find today on the market, with our own Rating, and all the necessary Features that you would like to know as well the uses for each blender!

But That’s not all!

If you are thinking about buying a blender, Best Blender Buy will give you the keys! So you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With a blender, you can enjoy delicious smoothies and juices that are ideal for taking vitamins at any time of year.

Buying a Blender is the best way to enjoy fresh juices full of vitamins and are ideal for a healthy diet because no matter how much they try to sell us that the juice of the boat is 100% natural and so on, they have an industrial flavor that It is not even a joke.

For that reason, and many others, the idea of buying a good blender to enjoy the freshest smoothies and juices we can (in which we will also choose the ingredients) is one of the best choices we can make for a healthy life style. For this reason, Buy Cheapest has compiled a series of tips that you must take into account when buying a blender and thus enjoy the model that best suits what you need.

For this reason, Best Blender  Buy has compiled a series of tips that you must take into account when buying a blender and thus enjoy the model that best suits what you need.

Although have in mind, that you do not have to buy a blender itself; The current blenders include practical accessories to make any type of smoothie or juice, so if you do not have much space in your kitchen, take a look at the hand blenders on the market, although we recommend the ones that include the so-called Jug Blender, like the KitchenAid that comes with a Jar specially designed for juices and shakes and will act as a blender for any juice with out adding too much space to your countertop

What to look for in a Blender?


It is often to think that the higher power the blender has the better. The new models of blenders with low-medium power (200w to 600w) work very well and so is not always essential to buy the blender of greater power. The minimum power tough are blenders with 200W but we recommend choosing a model from 300w at least. Of course, the greater the power, the greater types of fruit and vegetables you can liquefy without problems. But let’s do not forget that at higher power, higher electric consumption.


Usually the bigger the better. But you have to think about the space that you can use in the kitchen and also have to consider the people who will use it. If you are only going to make 2 juices at a time then you will not need a large size family blender and with a 40 Oz jar you are good to go If you are one of those that makes many juices at one time then we recommend a large blender (67 Oz or more) to avoid having to make a new batch every time you wanna have one drink.

3. Circumference Of the Jar

Although it does not seem to be something really important to take into account. It is not the same to be able to introduce whole pieces of fruit than to have to be chopping it into small pieces. You can save a lot of time and do not take away the desire to get to work by making a smoothie or your favorite juice. If your thing is not cut the fruit before putting it to blend then choose an extra-large jar or XXL.


The cleaning of a blender is one of the tasks that you can hate about having to make your next smoothie, more if it’s that morning one!. So is really important to choose a model that allows you to disassemble the blender as much as possible as well easy to clean. The good thing about the new models is that the vast majority allow you to disassemble and wash those parts in the dishwasher. Check that the model that you like has this feature and people who have already used it have good reviews about it.


Something important although not essential is the addition of automatic programs. Each new model, and even more the high-end ones, incorporates a great series of specific programs to make juices by type of fruit, milkshakes, etc. This is something really great to have, although you can also enjoy a blender with the typical on / off and speed regulator buttons. It all depends on your budget.

Other important functionalities to take into account would be those of the anti-crash and anti-splash safety.


Depending on the cost of the blender, you can find very different designs. The cheap blenders will tend to be hard plastic and the high-end ones will add a better finish with more robust materials (usually stainless steel) that give a higher quality feel and will normally tend to have a longer life. Sometimes investing something more in a more expensive model is ultimately cheaper. And we say it from experience!

What is the best blender to buy?

Just for blenders and any other kitchen item, we recommend you rely on well-known and/or well-known brands that have reviews from other people who have already bought it online.

There are cheap brands that in the long run can be more expensive, as we said earlier about the design and materials. Of course, you do not have to buy the most expensive and powerful of the market but we recommend the best blender brands that are synonymous with quality and duration: Blenders like Vitamix, Blendtec or Nutribullet are the ones that we choose base on this criteria

Based on all of the above, we are prepare for you  3 lists ordered by price and range so that it is easy for you to decide for the perfect blender for you, and then you can get it in our web thanks to our collaboration with Amazon

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